Maintenance at Memorial Park

DATE: November 9, 2021

TO: Andy Field, Director, Parks and Recreation

FROM: Councilmember Vivian Moreno

SUBJECT: Maintenance at Memorial Park (Print Memo)

In November 2020, based on significant input heard during the Parks Master Plan review process, the City Council asked staff to revisit the first draft of the Parks Master Plan. Taking public feedback into account, staff updated the plan to increase the percentage of funding dedicated to park-deficient neighborhoods and historically underserved communities. One of the main aspects of the draft plan is to invest in parks where needed the most.

Despite this citywide focus on prioritizing equity and access to high quality parks, there continues to be a lack of resources provided to some of our largest and most utilized parks in underserved communities. It has come to my attention that Memorial Park in District 8 is experiencing a number of unresolved issues that need immediate attention. The restrooms are often unsanitary and do not have adequate soap and toilet tissue. The baseball fields are littered with trash and empty bottles and the scoreboard does not work. Much of the equipment that was used for baseball games, such as bases and drag mats, are now missing and unaccounted for. The snack bar, which was in operation before the new comfort stations and playground were built and was promised to be fully functioning once construction was completed, has no access to a water source and is in need of a new roof and other related maintenance. Snack bar sales assist in raising much needed funds to provide funding for baseball equipment and baseball scholarships for children. The condition of the baseball fields, the snack bar, the scoreboard, and the lack of equipment all stand in stark contrast to the condition and amenities that baseball fields in other city operated parks receive. The continued lack of attention to the poor maintenance of the baseball fields, snack bar and restrooms is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately.

I have received over two dozen emails and calls in the last month from parents and residents concerned about the conditions at Memorial Park. Although my staff has reached out to the Department requesting a meeting to examine these issues, no progress has been made in discussing a resolution to the problems outlined in this memo.

In the interest of transparency, I respectfully request that the Parks and Recreation Department address the above issues and present a comprehensive improvement plan to the community at an upcoming Memorial Park Advisory Group meeting.

Thank you for your prompt action on this important matter.

CC: Honorable Mayor Todd Gloria
Jay Goldstone, Chief Operating Officer


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