Arts and Culture

Chicano Park Museum

I have been a strong supporter of the new Chicano Park Museum. In 2019, I hosted a fundraising event and raised $40,000 to support the museum. I also successfully advocated for over $100K in city funding for the museum’s building upgrades and flooring.

Public Art to Cypress Drive

I was able to work with Mayor Gloria to secure funding in this year’s budget for the Cypress Drive Cultural Corridor in San Ysidro, which would bring mobility improvements and public art to Cypress Drive, in the heart of the historic village of San Ysidro.

Funding for Arts and Culture Programs 

Since taking office, I have allocated over $100K in city funding for arts and culture programs in City Council District 8 including: Casa Familiar, PKG Dance Project, Blindspot Collective (theater program at elementary and middle schools in District 8), Sherman Community Center and Fern St Circus.

I pushed for increased funding of $2,000,000 for arts programming in this year’s budget along with increased funding for the Penny for the Arts Plan. 

I also supported reforms to increase equity in our arts funding process to make sure smaller organizations in communities of color have the ability to receive funding.


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